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Lets face it, sometimes the damage is too great or age has taken its toll and an engine has died. We don’t like to think that way! If an engine has reached its mechanical limit or damage that is just simply time to take it out and make it new. Most of the time an engine can be fully rebuilt to factory spec or better, and we like to think it can always be better! We take the time to guide our customers through this lengthy process and advise them every step of the way on bringing their car back to life.

Wether you simply have an attachment to your car and want it back driving like it was new, or figure since the engine is coming out lets make it better, we are here to make that happen. With the help of our in house machine shop and the knowledge we have in engine repair, no damage is too great, and we will do everything in our power to make your car great once again. If your car feels like it´s on its last breath, come by or give us a call and we advise you on how to make your car a beast again!