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Every car needs the usual maintenance to stay alive and run strong, but then there are the things that aren’t usual. The type of work that isn’t finished quickly or usually ends up leading to many more changes, some reversible others permanent. These are the MODIFICATIONS, the extras, if you want to call it that. The bits that make the car unique, special, and above all YOURS! This is where the car becomes part of your personality and where the imagination meets reality.
There are many things that can be modified on a car and when all is said and done, what you end up with is a car made for you. We do our best to make your imagination a reality on your car. Where you basically tell us how you want your car to look, sound, or drive and we deliver the final product. Imagine the car you buy as a black and white image, and you basically take your modifications, colors, and give it life. So let us know how what you want and we’ll make it happen!